Embodiment Coaching

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"There’s a lot of talking with my previous therapist. But coaching with you is like breathing in a new way of being and I register it in my body. " - A.

Hello, I'm Sophia.

I am an embodiment coach who is devoted to the body’s wisdom and the fullest expression of the human experience.

The body is the key to greater freedom, power, and ease in life.

I am a force for your most wildly expressed self, nourished by joy, vitality, and expansion.

Are You Ready To

  • Unleash your full emotional and somatic capacity.
  • Embrace your most difficult confronting feelings — sadness, fear, envy, doubt, and anger.
  • Transmute emotions into the energy to go after your truest desires.
  • Act with power from a deep knowing of legitimacy, self-knowing, and owned authority.
  • Enjoy the pleasures and intensities of life.

How I Call You Forward

I am known for my quality of presence. I draw people into the black vortex of my eyes. Before they know it, they are in deep examination and attunement with themselves. I blanket them with my care and warmth as they process what arises. With nowhere to go and no more excuses to hide, they drop into their emotional bodies and somatic experience.

In the place of stillness, people notice the vast range and beauty of their internal experiences. They start to hear and feel the quiet whispers of what’s been hiding beneath the surface. They see the treasures that have been aching to be revealed and expressed.

We then poke and caress, and fully own whatever arises through play. We amplify the energies of excitement, nervousness, fear, overwhelm, anger, exhaustion, contentment, and whatever other feelings may arise. We nurture deep, satiating relief along with the most awestriking feelings of agency and empowerment.

This is an exploration of expanding your range and your edges, and it takes courage. I’m here, and I’m patient.

Your body speaks. Your body knows. Will you listen?

Set up a call with me to see if we’re a fit.

Sophia is a coach trained via the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and an Authentic Relating/Circling facilitator trained via The Connection Institute.

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"Sophia's presence feels like being bathed in unconditional love as I am encouraged and permissioned to be who I truly am." - D.

"Sophia creates a remarkably loving, grounded and fiercely-held space that enables me to effortlessly come home to parts of myself lost and forgotten. From this place, fear, stuckness, confusion, and anger can turn into lightness, love, knowing, and clarity." - M.

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"I appreciate your ability to take me out of panic attack and right back into my body, into the now." - J.

Sophia’s work has been informed by other masterful beings and modalities, including:

  • Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)
  • Authentic Relating/Circling Facilitation with The Connection Institute
  • Art of Accomplishment MasterClass & Groundbreakers with
    Joe Hudson
  • Energy Mastery with Lynda Caesara
  • Realization Process Meditation Teacher Certification with Judith Blackstone
  • SocioDrama/Drama Therapy
  • Mistress Group & Influence 101 with Kasia
  • Walking the Path with Luminous
    Awareness Institute
  • Dojo with Kraye Grymonnt
  • Re-evaluation Counseling
  • Pointing Out The Great Way with Dustin Diperna

Other Experience

  • Professional Dance Instructor
  • The Parent Pod Project Facilitator
  • The Yoni Club Facilitator
  • Women’s Group Facilitator
  • Medicine Ceremony Assistant
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